Steve Jobs Quotes That Will Motivate You to Follow Your Passion

Steve Jobs Quotes For Motivation: Steve Paul Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computer Inc ( now known as Apple Inc), was born on 24th February,1955 in San Francisco California.
Steve was an American business giant , industrial designer and also an investor. Steve is considered to be one of the greatest evolvers of the personal computer era.

Steve Jobs Quotes That Will Motivate You to Follow Your Passion
Steve Jobs Quotes That Will Motivate You to Follow Your Passion –

Jobs was an adopted child who lived his early life in silicon valley. Steve was interested in engineering but his youthful passion made him leave his college, Reed College in Portland, and join a corporation as a videogame designer in 1974.

Steve saved enough to experience Buddhism in India. When he returned back in mid 1974 he contacted his school friend , Stephen Wozniak who was at that time working with a company. Then they both decided to go into business together to work for and give justice to their passion.

They both founded Apple Inc in 1976 in his parents garage. They developed Apple 1 and called it logic board, to pool money for this they sold Volkswagen and Stephen’s programmable calculator. With great encouragement and enthusiasm they designed Apple 2 , with a complete keyboard and a sleek plastic case to enclose it properly and this model got immediate success.

In 1997 Apple Inc was near the state of bankruptcy but Steve jobs rescued it from this dreadful situation. Both of these young entrepreneurs worked day and night to fulfill their dreams, they also got financing and brought in distribution and publicity for their work. Steve worked in seven areas to transform and redefine computer industry by developing personal computers, tablet computers, music, mobile phones, animated movies and even digital publishing.

Motivation lessons to be learned from Steve Paul Jobs

Everyone has seen Steve Jobs as an eminent personality with great aura and leadership skills. Many people see him as their role model and deram to become big and revolutionary like him. One can draw out lists of Steve’s great and inspiring skills which brought him success and reputation.

Here are few among all those great motivational lessons which one can learn from. Steve’s life and experience :

One can become a successful entrepreneur only by growing and offering high value products or services to the economy with innovative ideas.

Steve believed that traveling helps to do new things and learn new things. This helps to understand consumer behavior, needs and culture.

Learning new things is important but learning things as a small child is more important . Steve once said that if someone is not learning it means that he is shrinking.

Steve was known for his bold and clear vision. He didn’t hesitate from asking the same question many times until he got the solution. This clear thought process of Steve teaches us to be clear and adment about our vision and life.

Taking risks was a part of Steve’s life. He believed that risk makes a person strong to work hard and get results.

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