How to celebrate Makar Sankranti With Family and Friends

Makar Sankranti is an important Indian festival celebrated in many parts of the country. It marks the transition from winter to spring and is a time for families to get together and enjoy food, festivities, and each other’s company. Celebrating Makar Sankranti with your family can be a great way to bring people closer and make special memories that will last forever. Here are some tips on how to celebrate Makar Sankranti with your family.

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Exchange Sweets

The day starts by exchanging sweets with family members. This exchange signifies goodwill and happiness for everyone. Each member brings their favourite sweet dish, which is then shared among all the members of the family. This ceremony helps spread positivity in the atmosphere, creating an unforgettable celebration.

Fly Kites

Kite flying is an integral part of Makar Sankranti celebrations in India. Make sure you have enough kites for each person in your family so they can share the joy of flying kites during this festive occasion! You can even set up a friendly competition amongst yourselves to see who can fly higher or whose kite lasts longer.

Organise Activities For Kids

Makar Sankranti gives children a chance to take part in activities such as drawing rangoli designs and making special cookies called “khichadi”. You can even organise traditional mixed arts classes like clay modelling workshops, or invite local artists or performers to conduct activities for kids at home which will certainly keep them busy throughout the day!

Prepare Delicious Food

Food plays an important role during any festival – especially Makar Sankranti – so make sure you plan out some delicious meals for everyone. If you want something more traditional, consider preparing pongal (a savoury dish made from rice and lentils), gajak (sweet sesame-based snack), laddoos (Indian sweet treat), chikki (a crunchy peanut brittle) or til ladoos (made from sesame seeds).

Visit Local Temples Together

One more fun activity to do on this day is visiting local temples together as a family. Many Hindus celebrate this festival by offering prayers at various temples where sacred ceremonies take place on this auspicious day. Put aside a little time before lunch to visit nearby temples together with your loved ones – it’s always magical!

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